A Girl Called Kiki – Chapter Two

Chapter Two John To many, the sight of Julian Garcia, chest open, heart beating on the cold sterile table, would be the stuff of nightmares. But to John, it’s one of the most beautiful sights he will see all day. Julian’s little heart beats strongly in his chest cavity, his vitals are strong, everything seems... Continue Reading →


A young man battles his own anxiety before asking out the girl of his dreams. Should he go as "himself", or should he don the armor that gives him strength and confidence? Which will she accept? And more importantly, which is truly him? Ryder Bateman stares at his thin, wiry and generally unimpressive nude body... Continue Reading →

A Girl Called Kiki – Chapter One

Chapter One John When the alarm goes off John Hodges knows that it’s going to be a trying day. He reluctantly opens his eyes from the comfort of his king sized bed, praying that the alarm went off by mistake. No such luck. “I’m late! Damn it.” It’s 7:15. His alarm, normally his signal to... Continue Reading →

King Cotton – Prologue

  A New York couple takes ownership of an abandoned cotton plantation and plan to renovate it into their dream home. However, the angry spirits of a failed slave rebellion have other plans in mind. The South Carolina country side was beyond beautiful; it was damn near idyllic. The weather was moderate, the sky was... Continue Reading →

Little Lisa’s Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas everyone! I've been playing around with the idea of writing a Christmas themed short story for a while now. Unfortunately, when I finally developed a story, December was nearly halfway done. However, I decided to start writing anyway and share as much as I could this holiday season. There's been a lot going... Continue Reading →

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