Book 2 Screen Review: Room

Often when comparing a film to it's novel, preference is skewed heavily towards the original work. Details that readers see as essential in the novel have to be changed or excluded when transferring to the new medium. For this reason, the original novelists are often brought on as an executive producer or are at least... Continue Reading →

Book to Screen Review: Carrie

On April 5th, 1974, Steven King became a published author for the first time. Written as though on a dare, King wanted to prove to a woman that he wasn't afraid to write female centered stories, and began to pen a short story about a girl who gets her period in the girls locker room,... Continue Reading →

Galavant S2. Ep 7 & 8 Review

This week saw the penultimate installments of Galavant, and they did not disappoint; what with the walking dead, an impending war, Richard and Roberta finally doing the "do", and Magdalena doing the "D'Dew". Episode 7,"Love and Death" picks up with Sid, Richard, and Roberta rushing to save Galavant, who has been accidentally run through with... Continue Reading →

Galavant S2. Ep. 3&4 Review

This week saw the second installment of Galavant, Episodes 3 and 4. Much like the week before I found myself really loving both episodes but leaning more towards the latter episode. However, unlike last week, my preferred episode wasn't based on how much I laughed or which had the more memorable songs. Rather, it was... Continue Reading →

Galavant S2 Ep. 1&2 Review

Every once in a while there is a show that emerges from the sea of masterfully crafted television dramas and imaginative "nerd bait" superhero shows (and their hundreds of lukewarm ripoffs) that stands out simply for being fun. It doesn't tug on our emotions or the moral grey or our nostalgia; it's just fun. It's... Continue Reading →

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