About Me

The Space Cadet

When I was a kid my family had a nickname for me: Space Cadet. My childhood is filled with memories of my parents, siblings, and other family members waving their hands before my eyes. They would shake my shoulders, calling out to me with the exaggerated ‘Hellooooo?’ to get my attention. In my family, it became the running joke that ‘Little Jackie’ was happier in her sleep or lost in thought than in the real world and that in every picture of me as a little girl, I seem to be looking off in a different direction.

While looking at one of those photos, my sister asked me, ‘What the heck were you looking at?” The answer, which is clear to me now, is that I was looking at something no one else could see; the stories that seemed to play on a loop in my head. More than mere fantasy, I would visualize a television screen, where carefully constructed stories would play right before my eyes. I would develop each character, determine their motivation and play out the story over and over again until it felt right. My stories were a comfort to me, but I never thought much of them. I enjoyed acting and stagecraft, and believed that my future was as a stage actress on Broadway. It wouldn’t be until my sophomore year in college, that my need to share my stories – to take them out of my head, and down on paper, would emerge.

That is what this site is. A place where I can share my thoughts and my stories with the world.

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