Galavant S2. Ep 7 & 8 Review

This week saw the penultimate installments of Galavant, and they did not disappoint; what with the walking dead, an impending war, Richard and Roberta finally doing the “do”, and Magdalena doing the “D’Dew”.

Episode 7,”Love and Death” picks up with Sid, Richard, and Roberta rushing to save Galavant, who has been accidentally run through with a sword. They find an apothecary run by a healer named Neo… of Sporin. After a catchy number impressing the importance of time in saving Galavant’s life, Galavant dies as too much time has now passed. The only way to save him is with the help of an Elixir Neo has been working on but has been unable to complete due to not being able to find the final ingredient: the grey hair of a middle aged man who’s never been touched by a woman. Richard, unwilling to fess up to his “innocence” is outed when his old nemesis, the virgin sniffing unicorn suddenly appears. Richard donates a beard hair and he, Roberta and Sid can only wait to see if it will work.

Meanwhile; Madalena, Garrett, and Isabella are all preparing for war. After receiving a save the date for the impending invasion, Isabella is saddled with the unenviable responsibility of leading the troops. On the other side of the conflict, Madalena, overzealous in her bloodlust, accidentally confesses to Garrett that she loves him as they plan the war. Garrett “feels a change” in him upon hearing her say those words but, Madalena is mortified by what she said and actively avoids him afterwards. In the space between life and death, Galavant learns that he is dead and that Isabella believes that he’s dumped her. Determined to get back to her, he literally kicks death in the balls and returns to life just in time to get in the way of Richard and Roberta’s potential first kiss. Once he’s up, Neo of Sporin insists that he takes his hoard of undead soldiers with him because they creep him out. Having suddenly gained an army and a new lease on life Galavant sets out to save Isabella.


In episode 8, “Do the D’Dew” Galavant attempts to sneak off on a reconnaissance mission but his new zombie hoard, unable to do take orders, keep mindlessly following him wherever he goes, making it hard to “sneak” anywhere. Once Galavant is gone, Richard and Roberta sneak off into the woods together. Isabella learns that Hortensia has no weapons which can be used to fight the impending war and attempts to go to Madalena and Garrett’s war camp to negotiate a truce. However, when the conditions for a peaceful surrender are too steep, she and Madalena have it out “lyrically” and negotiations break down. Isabella lies about having the wielder of the “sword of the one true king” destined to unite all the kingdoms (that’s the sword Richard’s been carrying around btw) which causes Madalena to worry. Wormwood tells them about a super secret society of black magic called the D’Dew which can assure their victory. Garrett isn’t interested but when Garrett leaves she tells Wormwood that she want’s in.


Richard Roberta, Galavant, Sid and the undead soldier hoard arrive in the abandoned Valencia castle and learn that everyone is gone due to the war. Once there, Galavant and Sid are forced to sit through a Grease “Summer Days” style song as Richard and Roberta flaunt that they’re now having sex. In Hortensia, Isabella attempts to arm her troops with whatever they can find, which mounts up to little more than pots and pans, a housewife’s sharp hurtful words and a particularly pointy potato. Madalena meets with Wormwood and eagerly signs away her eternal sole for the power of D’Dew. Galavant finally finds out what motivates his new zombie hoard into action: love. He prepares to take off for war but learns Sid has left; ashamed of killing Galavant and needing to redeem himself. Roberta, unwilling to see the man she loves die a horrible and certain death, breaks up with Richard and refuses to fight. She leaves to go to her aunts home. Sad but determined to stay by Galavant’s side, Richard mounts his horse and leaves with Galavant and the zombie soldiers.

Off to War!


Favorite moments of episodes 7 &8 were Madalena reeling after she accidentally confessed to Garrett, the dance number with Death, and everything with Sid, both his interactions with Galavant and with Richard and Roberta’s lovey dovey ways.

I’ll admit that, for me, it was hard to pay attention during episode 7, simply because it just felt like a lot of war prep with bits of humor thrown in, but the Galalvant death scene got me interested again. Once episode 8 began, I was invested again. The introduction of D’Dew not only gives the potential for an new unseen complication in the coming war but also a new complication in Madalena and Garrett’s relationship. Despite how awful they are as people, Madalena and Garrett have always been very honest with each other. I wonder how Garrett will react when he learns that Madalena did the D’Dew against his wishes.

They’ve also developed this plot point of the “sword of the one true king” which the dauntless former King Richard has been carrying for half the season. Seeing as to how he’s not much of a fighter, I wonder how that will play out. I see Richard retiring into the country with Roberta rather than uniting and ruling Kingdoms.

I suppose we shall have to wait and see. Next week marks the end of Season 2, and what a season it has been. I’ll certainly be watching.


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