Update Alert!


Hello All!

I’d like to give you all a little bit of an update on what I’ve been doing recently and what you can expect in the future.

As the name and content of this blog implies, I am a a writer, but before that, I am a storyteller. I have always loved telling, hearing, writing, reading and watching good stories. I read incessantly as a child, started writing short stories in my teens and am still improving my skills in screenwriting today. I love stories in the many mediums they take shape in; oral, the written word, film, television, live plays, and more. In order to celebrate the many forms that the telling of a story can take, I’ve decided to tackle a new task on this blog.

Book to Screen Reviews!

Between my T.V show reviews and short stories, I will be reading books that either have or will be turned into feature films and comparing each as storytelling devices. I won’t be judging which is better, but comparing how they told the story. Film and books are two very different mediums. Often, after reading the book, a film feels flat and all the avid book reader can do is think about everything that was left out. However, film has many restrictions that novels do not. Authors are capable of spinning prose for as long as they need to make sure that their intended purpose comes across. Filmmakers must adapt this within the constraints of time, pacing and flow of the overall movie. Understanding this, I will alternate between reading the original novel or watching the film first. I will also, when I am able, read the film’s script if it is available and compare that to what is seen on the screen and what is written in the book.

Book to Screen Reviews will be time consuming but ultimately satisfying. Upon deciding to take on this task, I went down to my public library and got a library card and checked out two books.

On a side note: It was so great being inside a library again. The Library near me doesn’t have the biggest selection but it still brought me back to a simpler time in my life. Take the time to support your public library if you can. They are amazing resources. I was honestly trying to figure out how to budget purchasing these books and rent these movies until that epiphany moment arrived.

Anyway, I checked out two books. Z for Zachariah a young adult novel from the 1970’s which became a movie mid last year starring Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine and The Girl on the Train which will become a movie later this year and will star Emily Blunt. I am also considering reading and watching The Martian.

So that’s my update for you all! Be on the lookout for more reviews of new shows now that the hiatus is ending. I am also working on a new horror story so keep your eyes open for that and for more chapters of “A Girl Called Kiki”.

Be good everyone!

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