Galavant S2 Ep. 5&6 Review

The absurd musical adventure known as Galavant continued this week with episodes 5 “Giants vs. Dwarves” and 6 “About Last Knight”.

In Episode 5, Galavant and King Richard part ways. After weeks journeying together, with King Richard bumbling every attempt Galavant has made to procure an army, Galavant has finally had enough after King Richard trades the jewel of Valencia for a “dragon”. Although King Richard is very proud of his trade and believes his “dragon” will grow large and burn down cities one day; everyone can see that it’s just a normal lizard. He sings a song about believing in his “dragon” which, towards the end, is more about believing in himself but is immediately captured by unknown swordsmen. After parting ways with King Richard, Galavant comes across the Giants. He had hoped to trade the jewel of Valencia for their help in saving Isabella. However, when he meets them , he notices that they are just normal sized men who call themselves giants. They agree to help him if he assists them in their upcoming battle with their rivals – the Dwarves. One guess as to whether or not these Dwarves are regular sized men or not. Not only are the Dwarves the same size as the Giants, but King Richard is with them as well. Seeing each other on the opposing sides both Galavant and King Richard decide to help their respective groups defeat the other.


In Hortensia, Isabella is still under the control of her wedding planner, Wormwood, who is happily making her agree to all his wedding suggestions. As the demands for the wedding become more and more outlandish, her parents finally begin to worry about the change in her personality. However the moment they voice their suspicion, Isabella has them tossed in the dungeon. Meanwhile, in Valencia, Garret confides in Sid that he has fallen in love with Queen Madalena – and in an unexpected twist – she appears to feel the same way. This sends up all kinds of red flags in Sid’s head and he decides to warn Garret.

Sid cautions Garret against starting a relationship with Madalena, pointing out that her past three relationships ended in betrayal, exile and murder. Garret agrees with Sid and promises not to tell Madalena what they discussed but then immediately tells her everything. As a result, Sid is forced to flee for his life. Princess Isabella, spurned by Wormwood’s need for a complete guest list, travels to the kingdom of a Princess Jubilee, who has not yet RSVP’d to her wedding. The Princess is loud, uncouth and very “unprincess-like” and during her dance number, kicks the tiara off Isabella’s head, releasing her from its mind control. Isabella leaves, angry and ready to take her kingdom back from Wormwood. The episode concludes with the resolution of the war between the Giant’s and the Dwarves. Roberta, seeing the absurdity in the fight between the two groups, breaks the bridge they were fighting over and reminds Galavant that his priority should be saving Isabella and he only has one person willing to help him; King Richard. They settle their differences and resume their journey.

Episode 6 opens with a rousing musical number, as Sid, now wanted by the Queen attempts to spur the locals of Valencia into fighting against the crown. Although it initially seems to work, his gory and fatalistic projections of how the battle will turn out inevitably cause everyone to flee, forcing Sid to escape alone into the forest. Inside the castle, it is Garret’s birthday and Madalena is throwing him a surprise birthday. When he seems less than enthusiastic about it, she asks him what he’d like. What he wants is a bar brawl and Madalena is eager to make sure he gets one. In the forest, Galavant, King Richard and Roberta are starving and come across the home of Galavant’s father. Galavant doesn’t want to set foot there, calling his father a  cold, heartless monster but when they arrive they see a happy man joyously rough housing with a group of young boys. It would appear that his father is a very different man now; having taken in “at risk” boys and started a school of swordsmanship.


Isabella returns to Hortensia, no longer under the control of Wormwood’s enchanted tiara, and has him exiled. After she releases her parents from the dungeon, she meets with her cousin and his advisers to discuss ending their marriage. She is told that in such an instance, the princess is required to give the prince her bra so he can show it to his friends. She is disgusted and refuses but when the alternative is death she gives in. In Valencia, Garret and Madalena go to the town’s seediest bar in an attempt to start a brawl, but upon seeing the king and queen everyone goes out of their way to be agreeable. It’s impossible to start a bar fight because no one is willing to start one. Meanwhile, Wormwood and his assistant find themselves in the Forest of Convenience – a lovely little plot device where the characters, quite conveniently, get their new objectives and what they need to fulfill them. They meet Sid and learn that the King and Queen of Valencia are power hungry war mongers and decide to head there to exact their revenge. Sid, learns that Galavant is at his father’s estate and receives a horse and Galavant’s sword.

Back at the senior Galavant’s home, Galavant argues with his father’s new wards that his father isn’t the great man they believe he is. When his father overhears, he shows Galavant the room where he has documented all of Galavant’s accomplishments in tapestry form. He apologizes for not expressing himself better in the past but assures him that he has always been proud of him. The two go outside to “throw the cabbage around” and catch up on time lost. It is at this time that Sid appears from the forest. Reunited with Galavant, Sid tells him that he must rescue Isabella before she marries her cousin and tosses Galavant his sword, but Galavant is distracted. The sword ends up piercing Galavant’s stomach and he falls to the ground, mortally wounded.


I’d like to start off by saying that I think every show should have a Forest of Convenience. If you’re going to save time by adding convenient meetings that set  everything in motion, it may as well be in a place that is self aware.

That being said, I think Garret and Madalena are officially my favorite couple. During both episodes I was waiting for Madalena to realize that Garret is nothing more than a brute and certainly not the man for her but she never did. She actually seems to be quite fond of him and goes out of her way to make him happy. I was a little thrown off by that. We shall have to wait and see if that pattern continues or if Garret becomes the unfortunate 4th victim to fall prey to Madalena. I’m hoping not. I love how happy they are doing evil things together.

In general, the two episodes were solid B’s in my opinion. The songs were fun while watching the show but they weren’t catchy enough for me to remember them after the show was over. I also thought the entire scene with Princess Jubilee felt weird and unnecessary, but I LOVED the Forest of Coincidence and King Richard’s dragon so that made up for it. Two solid episodes with an unexpectedly serious cliff hanger ending. I’ll be looking for ward to seeing how this all plays out.


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