A New Year, A New Plan of Attack!

Happy New Year Family!

I hope everyone had a festive and safe New Years. I personally ushered in 2016 with food, family, and a lot of writing. Although I only recently started this blog, I am very proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish. 2015 saw the completion of the short story “My Child’s Ghost Dad”, the review for the Netflix original “Jessica Jones” and the prologue for my ongoing story “A Girl Called Kiki”. The new year saw the completion of “Little Lisa’s Christmas Wish”; a very different take on the traditional Christmas tale. I was a little disappointing in myself for not being able to finish writing it by Christmas, which was my original plan, but in the end, I was grateful to have given myself the additional time I needed to finish the story in a fulfilling way.

So now we are in a new year and, as such, we need a new plan of attack. Rather than make a resolution to get rich or get fit this year, I’ve got a different type of New Years Resolution. I will find the resolve to do whatever is necessary to make Jackie Gailes Writes grow.

That is where your support is essential. If you enjoy my stories, I encourage you to follow my blog, like, and share with your friends. If you have an idea, suggestion or even a request, feel fee to contact me.

Like the Jackie Gailes Writes Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jackiegaileswrites/

Follow me on Twitter @Jackie_GWrites

Or send me an email: jackie@jackiegaileswrites.com

A LOT of this will be me stepping out of my comfort zone so feedback is also great and very welcome.

This week I will be reviewing ABC’s GALAVANT (I do love musicals) as I await many of my regular shows to return from hiatus. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your love and support thus far. I look forward to sharing many more stories this year.

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